Friday, June 29, 2012

Currently, I am reading The Emperor of All Maladies, and I am completely overwhelmed by this book. I have read about half of this book and the flow in which this book is written is commendable. The reader can easily feel the energy and effort which must have gone into writing this marvel. The research done in writing this book is extensive, which one can easily see by the length of citations and notes given at the end.

This book truly is the biography of cancer. It starts from the very early traces of cancer in the known history, from Aufderheide's thousand-year-old mummy of a thirty-five-year-old with well preserved breast cancer tumor to the word karkinos, derived from the Greek word for crab. All the stories included in the book strikes one and one realizes the impact that cancer had had on the human race for centuries.

I will post a detailed review of this book after I will finish it. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something from My Childhood

As this is my first day at blogging, I thought I might share some of my sketches from my childhood.
These are some cartoons which I drew from my fairy tale book. Below average work, but very close to my heart. I drew this when I was in the fourth grade. 


Paintings, Drawings, Sketches are often a reflection of  the personality of the artist. They convey an artist's  mood, his perception of the world. So does his choice of books, clothes, etc.

In this blog, I would be talking about books, people, art, music, technology and whatever catches my attention along the way. Also, as the description says nerd, so science and especially astrophysics will be common topics. 

Lastly, Happy blogging to all.