Sunday, July 29, 2012


My way of saying ALL THE BEST for OLYMPICS to you.

Make Us Proud :) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tell Me Your Dreams: A Review

Rating : 4 out of 5
Author : Sidney Sheldon

If you are a fan of crime fiction, then you must have read a Sidney Sheldon novel and if you haven't then I strongly recommend that you should.Sidney Sheldon never fails to grip you and always delivers a page turner. And Tell Me Your Dreams is no exception to that statement.

The story starts with the description of three girls working at the same company. All three of them are very different from one another but as one reads further, one finds that they have more in common than one can possibly imagine. Storytelling skills of Sheldon can't be questioned as the story binds the reader as it progresses. This story is full of surprises and nail-biting moments. Also, the plot is brilliantly written, from the beginning till the very end, there are no boring moments.

The characters in the story are very well written. The protagonists of the story, i.e., Tony Prescott, Alette Peters and Ashley Patterson are adorable. When one learns the truth about them, one really feels sad for them and does sympathizes with them. Dr.  Steven Patterson, Ashley's father, is the one who can be blamed for all the mess. He is a famous doctor, but like many famous people, has a very dark side of himself.

Thus, the story is really nice and the characters are great too. So if you are a crime fiction/ thriller fan then this could be your next read.

Also, you must be wondering that if I liked this book so much then why didn't I give it full five stars. Well, my answer to that question is that, having read previous works like Master Of The Game by Sidney Sheldon, I have set the bar too high for him.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Well some of you guys must be wondering that why the above image is my display picture. This is actually a painting/poster I made regarding a project for my college. The project was to create awareness about endangered species and my topic was tigers.
So,                                        LET'S SAVE THE TIGERS

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Bourne Identity: Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Author: Robert Ludlum

Being a fan of thrillers and spy novels, I really wanted to read this one considering the hype surrounding it.But I am very disappointed. The story begins when a half dead man is found floating and is rescued by a fisherman. The plot covers and lot of Europe and the United States. The story is interesting and not much predictable.The characters of the story are well drawn and there is enough detailing.

The protagonist, who is called Jason Bourne for the major part of the story, is very interesting. Especially, the last fifty so pages amazes one and one really comes to adore him. Marie St. Jacques, on the other hand, is depicted as an intellectual who falls in love with this lost man. Her loyality towards Bourne really wins her the respect of the reader.

The "Villain" of this story, Carlos, is a surrounded with an air of mystery. All one knows is, he is a lethal assassin who wants Bourne dead, and will go to any lengths to ensure this. While, the governments, secret agencies want him dead at any cost, they have no clue how he looks and they know only Bourne can help them.

I would have given this book about four stars but two things vexed me a lot. First, the pace. The pace of the book is extremely slow, and one does feel bored at times. There is a lot of useless detailing at places and the writing style also bothered me at some places. Secondly, the sentence Cain is for charlie, Delta is for Cain. This line is repeated page after page after page.

Thus, the book is a good read if you can stand a slow paced book. I am not encouraged enough by this book to read the two other sequels of this trilogy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Do we need to update our fairy tales???

Today, while I was travelling back from my college, I was listening to the radio. And as I was shuffling between radio stations, I stumbled upon a relatively old number by Taylor Swift, "love story".
This really got me thinking that Do we need to update our fairy tales?
The good old fairy tales in which there is a perfectly beautiful princess who is in grave danger and there is an overly handsome prince charming who comes riding on a well bred magical horse to rescue her from the beastly witch. And how can we forget the kind hearted fairy god mother.

But, in today's times, when happily ever after don't even last 72 hours, and the whole concept of the alpha male is taking a back seat, do we really need a man on a horse to rescue us????

I don't think so. Today, when women all over the globe, are outdoing men in almost every field and outdoing them in many, The concept of alpha male is slowly being replaced by the the alpha female. Women today are no damsels in distress, rather, they are the breadwinners. They keep the family together and have a career too.  
So, is that we don't need a prince charming at all??? Well, we need partnership not ownership.

Thus, I think we do need to update our fairy tales after-all.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The man behind the Bosons :Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose

Yesterday CERN made an announcement about the results they got from the ATLAS and the CMS experiments conducted at the LHC.They stated that they have found a particle whose mass is in the range of the mass predicted for the Higgs-Boson particle or in common terminology referred to as the "God particle". They haven't confirmed this particle to be the Higgs-Boson particle as its other properties have not been tested so far .

This news caused every particle physicist in the world to jump with joy. The whole day, media was abuzz with stories about the "god particle". Physicists were called on live shows to explain the gravity of this discovery to the common public.

But in all this aren't we forgetting a very important person !!!

Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose, a great Indian Physicist. The word Boson has actually been derived from his surname.Bosons are particles which obey Bose–Einstein statistics: when one swaps two bosons, the wavefunction of the system is unchanged. Bosons are one of the two fundamental classes of subatomic particles, the other being fermions. This class of particles includes photons and gluons, as well as the Higgs boson.
Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose

Dr. Bose was a polyglot, he was well versed in many languages including Sanskrit, Bengali, English, French, German and English. Dr. Bose wrote a paper deriving Planck’s quantum radiation law without any reference to classical physics and using a novel way of counting states with identical particles. This paper was seminal in creating the very important field of quantum statistics.

Though not accepted at once for publication, he sent the article directly to Albert Einstein in Germany. Einstein, recognizing the importance of the paper, translated it into German himself and submitted it on Bose’s behalf to the prestigious Zeitschrift für Physik. As a result of this recognition, Bose was able to work for two years in European X-ray and crystallography laboratories, during which he worked with Louis de Broglie, Marie Curie, and Einstein.

He was honored with title Padma Vibhushan by the Indian Government in 1954. In 1959, he was appointed as the National Professor, the highest honor in the country for a scholar, which he held for 15 years. In 1986 S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences was established by an act of Parliament, Government of India, in Salt Lake, Calcutta in honour of this world renowned Indian scientist.