Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Not-So-Close Friendship

Today is friendship's day so happy friendships day to all!!!!!

"Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin."

The above line has been quoted time and again in history. And our world appears to revolve around it.
Landscapes change, people change, relationships change and sometimes we want to believe that they haven't. We want to hang onto what isn't there anymore.

Friendship, especially, the ones formed when one is very young are most affected by such changes.
For example :  My closest friend. Let's call her Sheena.We have been friends for about 16 years now.  I have know her since kindergarten and we have always been very close. She lived quite near my house and we would attend each others birthday parties. But when, due to some inevitable circumstances I changed my residence and my school, we ( naturally ) began to grew apart. Sheena made new friends, I made new friends but we still stayed in contact. This continued till we joined college. She moved on, calling frequency decreased and silly me still held onto the past, that was just that - the past.

Today, after an year and a half  of this not-so-close friendship, I do now let it go.I will still wish her on her birthday and I'm sure she will too, I will still send her greetings on festivals and friendship day like she does and I accept this as just it is, A Not-So-Close Friendship.     


  1. I've had similar falling-outs with my friends. It's hard to accept at first. Sometimes I see them around (or on Facebook) and I wish we were still close friends, but there's nothing I can do about it.

    Especially after leaving high school, I felt like I'd never see my classmates again. But now I have new classmates to hang out with, and I'm grateful for that.

    Here's to new friendships :)

    1. Yeah, that is I think the beauty of life- the end of one thing becomes the beginning of another :)

  2. I think this is not the comment you are waiting for, but I must be candid, and say what I think or I will be lying to you and that is not acceptable. I can understand if you think I am a pessimist, but I can assure you I am not. There is a long way between a pessimist and a realist.

    When you start to realize the way life is, it is easier to ride the stallion of existence. :)

    You know, when we human try to use the few good traits we could keep after becoming the impossible selfish beings that create our hubris, there is always an interference and it is very difficult to pinpoint the real reason we did, do, or will do things.

    You chose friendship because somebody thought how nice it would be to remember and party with friends on a particular day.

    Fine! that IS fine.

    I won't try to discover the reasons that person did that. I must try to be, let's say "good" in the lack of other adjective.

    This action fired in you a very interesting feeling, "why can't I keep all my friends from the beginning?"

    I have a question for you: "Why you want to keep them all?"

    Think deeply, is it because the self satisfaction of remembering the good moments passed with them?

    Is it a kind of pain for "something" lost?

    I am sure that, if you try to be honest, you will find very difficult to answer the questions about the "why" of your actions. But it always will have a selfish reason hidden under all other reasons: you do not want to feel that pang in your soul. That I promise you!

    In the end this is not too bad if it preserve our sanity and future. But we must be careful not to let our actions obsess us.

    My wandering life taught me that to try and make a "close friendship" ends in pain and loss, I am on the move, always from here to there and beyond!

    There is no friendship that undergo that attrition. So, A Not-So-Close Friendship, can be the real thing and that would make true the first sentence of you post!

    As a corollary, I can tell you a secret that time reveals to humankind: We are born, alone, crying and with the hands in fists, as if against our will, we live alone, and we die alone. There is only a small consolation which is very poor in the sight of our needs: we can caress (love) one another and that gives a premonition of something better. But this thought is not an universal rule, and sometimes it is hard to believe it seeing the way the world is in.

    Most of us want to get everything, included friendship, now, and many other things to keep during a forever that does not exist!

    But cheer up! Life is beautiful! :)

    Should I write "I am sorry for my opinion?" or Is it worth the while to read it? :)