Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching Fire: Review

Rating: 3.55 out of 5

Author: Suzanne Collins

As soon as I finished Hunger Games I wanted to read this one.I was a little disappointed by the previous one so I did not set high marks for this one. But as this book progressed I started really liking it.

The book begins with chaos, chaos in every relationship, chaos in Katniss's heart and chaos in the land of Panem. This time the story is really gripping as bombs drop both physically and emotionally in Katniss's, Peeta's and Gale's life. The plot grows and is very interesting. The characters, especially Gale's takes new depths.New voids are formed in Gale's and Katniss's relationship. At one point everything seems like going kaput. But the end is a real shocker and makes you want to dive into Mockingjay.

Character wise katniss's growth is remarkable. She is not portrayed as a miss goody two shoes or the ever so perfect heroine but she is the brave imperfect girl who is trying to figure out the world around her, trying to make sense of it . Also Gale is now given some limelight and it is very interesting to read about his actions and to think from his point of view. The dynamics of relationships is changing all over and some real shockers grip one to this book.

So If you like the first one, then the probability of you loving this one is quite high!!!!

Going to finish Mockingjay in a few days and will post about it :)

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