Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gone Girl : A Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Author: Gillian Flynn

This book is like |sine| wave. For those who don't know what that is, well it looks like this:


Yes, just like the graph above, the story has a lot of ups and downs. Initially, this story appears to be of a recession-hit couple whose relationship is going down the gutter. But as the story progresses, more twists and turns keep you hooked. The plot of the story is not fresh but is interesting. The writing is good but there are many technical flaws, the author should have consulted a forensic scientist.

Amy Elliot is a super smart girl who doe't know how to lose. She has a book series, Amazing Amy, which her parents wrote inspired by her childhood. She met Lance "Nick" Dunne or just Nick Dunne who is a movie critic. They try to woo each other and get married. Then comes the recession and both lose their jobs. Also, Nick's mom gets cancer and they move to his hometown. Now, everything changes. They get to see the real side of each other and they simply stop trying.

Initially, while reading Amy's diary one tends to like her and sympathize with her. At one point I hated Nick for what he allegedly did to Amy. But the next twist just blows you. And one tends to hate both of them.

Other characters like Margo or fondly referred to as Go, is an ideal sister. She loves her brother and takes care of him like a baby. She believes him and helps him throughout. Marybeth and Rand Elliot, Amy's parents, are psychologists and soul mates. Well here is the catch, either they extremely bad psychologist or Amy is extremely cunning from birth because they just don't know the hell is wrong with their daughter. Or it could just be that they are pretending that they don't know.........somethings not clear.

This story is full of technical mistakes. If one takes a urine sample, then it can last for only a certain amount of hours, not days. Same goes for vomits. Forensic techniques like tough-DNA and post-mortem autopsies certainly do not exist in this 2011. There are a lot more but lets just end here.

The ending is disappointing. I expect some real blood bath but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Thus, it is an interesting story but could have been better.


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