Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Summer I turned Pretty Trilogy : Review

This trilogy by Jenny Han is a about three teenagers- Conrad, Jeremiah and Isabel a.k.a. Belly  and the summers they always spend together. Their mothers are best friends and they spend each summer at the beach house at Cousins Beach. Conrad and Jeremiah are siblings while Belly has a brother named Steven.

The story revolves around them as they grow up and are about to start a new life where there may nor may not be that beach house or those summers.

In the first book, the three of them realize that they have "grown up", and the feelings that they had for each other transforms the dynamics of their relationships. Belly is shown as teen who is still very childish and acts like one whereas Conrad is now grim and sad and is isolating himself from the others. His mother, Susannah  who is the very link that connects them, is now terminal and  this is affecting everyone. Belly who has always had this huge crush on Conrad waits for him while Conrad tries to stay aloof and Jeremiah tells Belly about his feeling for her.

The story packs a lot of drama and it is interesting to see how people change with time. The book includes flashbacks where Belly tells stories from her childhood which explains present scenarios. The characters in this book transform as one reaches the end but still I thiink they could have been more depth to them.

The second book begins with Susannah's death. This takes a huge toll from everyone. Belly's mother Laurel, who is the strongest in the family, has become detached from everyone and Conrad is missing. He left summer school and no one has a clues as to where he might be. Thus, Jeremiah and Belly set out  to find him. This time they were not spending summer at their usual spot - Cousins Beach but instead Belly had to stay home. So this whole "Find Conrad scenario " attracts her and she joins Jeremiah in the search without informing anyone.

This time around the story packs Belly's and Jeremiah's perspectives. As Conrad tries to push Belly away from him she finds love with Jeremiah and finally let's Conrad go.

In third book, there is wedding waiting for you. Yes, Jeremiah and Belly are getting married and everyone else is shocked and angry at the same time. The two of them are barely 19 and have decided   to tie the knot. Everyone, initially, is against this. But by the time everyone gets their heads around this and gives the wedding a go Belly is not so sure she is ready for it. Conrad is back like he was before his mother died. He helps Belly and Finally confesses that he always loved her. Now, Belly has to choose.

The writing is not week but please don't expect this to a Jane Austen.This isn't a novel which compells you to think intellectually  But it is a novel that  can make you feel good, the story can bring a smile on your face and can make you believe in love ..............


  1. It sounds like a wonderful series to read in the summer time and to relax and put off stress. Wonderful reviews!