Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something you should Read.......

In my last post, "Is Marriage the Ultimate goal?", I talked about how I feel that marriage shouldn't be the ultimate goal of a women's life. While reading today, I came across this article by Urvashi Butalia. It talks on the same lines that how the old gender-based goals have become obsolete in the contemporary times in the lives of women. Women today are not only questioning the roles that cultures have defined for us but also making choices on their own terms. And the article above discusses the dilemma that women face when they do not conform to such stereotypes and and are asked questions like:" Don't you want to be a mother?  Aren't you lonely? Why aren't you married?"

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is Marriage the ultimate goal?

Today, I was watching a rom-com and it occurred to me that why marriage always is thought of as the only goal in a woman's life? Why isn't her career given as much importance?

Often in movies, there is a woman who is desperate for a husband and a guy who is absolutely tailor-made for her, they bump into each other, don't like each other at first and then fall hopelessly in love. Also, these days the term "emotionally damaged" is like the new in thing in rom-coms. I'm not against love or marriages but I simply ask why do you need a certificate for your love? Why can't it be just companionship? Or why doesn't a girl choose who she is over who she loves? Am not "I" equally important? 

Even while growing up, the whole concept of marriage is introduced to kids in a much gloried manner. Fairy tales endorse the promise of marital bliss. Toys such as many dolls come in pairs. Girls grow up with dreams of walking down the altar in big white dress. Why aren't they raised with the dream of being a successful being? Why aren’t they encouraged to find themselves and their place in the world?  Why is everyone in a rat race for finding their happily-ever-after???