Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Increasing Gender Polarity

These days when I open the newspaper all I see are advertisements which claim to make a girl look like a princess. With a pink background and pretty tiaras, little toddlers dressed in puffy pink dresses with big smiles on their faces. And small boys, with gelled hairs and black sunglasses, posing with attitude suitable for a 35-year old.
And if I look around myself all I see is gender stereotypes being reinforced everywhere. With parents choosing blue and pink for their son and daughter, pink buses for girls, pink compartments in the metro just for women etc. etc........ All this makes me go WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE????

I for one am not a fan of the color pink, but I don't judge those who are. However, I do not like those who force it on others especially children. I mean, would a girl be any less a girl if she likes say red or black or any of those colors. Children have impressionable minds and the “smart” advertising people are exploiting them by conforming them to such stereotypes. Children today demand the princess themed parties, faux tiaras, princess themed bedrooms and parents today in a bid to give everything their child wants are complying with such demands without thinking of the long-term effects of such stuff. I read the article Gender Issues in Media and I strongly agree with the writer.
Moreover, such practices are so wide-spread and deep-rooted that many a time’s people do not even realize when they accept them as "normal". In the above said article the writer suggests some ways to curb this menace and I highly recommend them.

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