Saturday, June 8, 2013

Best Kept Secret: A Review

 Rating: 3.35 out of 5

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Best Kept Secret' is the third book in the Clifton chronicles. The story begins with the death of Sir Walter Barrington and voting at the house of lords to decide the heir of the Barrington empire. The story's focus shifts from Giles to Harry-Emma the to Giles and his wife then comes Alex Fletcher Vs Clifton/Barrington at last giving way to Sebastian. the story can hold one's attention for the major part but there are sections which one may skip without missing out on anything major.

 The plot of the story is almost same to the last two books of this series. There is too much detailing which could be edited better. The main characters are the same for the major part of the story. Giles is the naive, dumb (in my opinion), gullible heir of the Barrington empire who needs people telling him what to do at every step of the way. Emma is a smart, intelligent woman who adores her husband. She cares for her brother and looks after him. She also finds her father's child Jessica and adopts her. Harry's character this time takes the backstage and is seen on the sidelines of the story. The only part where the spotlight focuses on Harry is during his tour of the US. In fact, I felt this part to be unnecessary as it does not aid the story. Sebastian is the child of Emma and Harry. He is intelligent and street smart. He is at the exploring stage of his teen years. His lack respect for the rules of the school and a little naive attitude lands him in grave of trouble.    

The writing style is simple but a little slow. Also there is just too much unnecessary detailing which could be edited out. Furthermore, the author fails to create suspense as most of the situations are predictable and one can easily know the end. But how the problem reaches its solution is the readable part.

 The story is interesting but lacks the AHA factor. It will not cause you to jump out of your seat or trigger any such strong emotional/physical response but its more like a comic strip where ever comic aids the next and the story keeps progressing.

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