Friday, June 28, 2013

The Great Gatsby : A Review

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

 In this review I'm not going to comment on the writing style, the plot or the characters. You must be thinking-- THEN CALL IT A REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!      

Well I'm just going to talk about how this book appealed to me, because the rest has been over-analyzed and written and re-written about.

Gatsby is a lover. He is just that. He dedicates his entire life to the one he loved. All his actions, all his achievements and all the troubles he undertakes are just for his love. So that he could look at her and tell her about his love for her. His character really compels one to believe in love. I think that the title “The Great Gatsby” is fully justified in the context of Gatsby as a lover. He might be a criminal, a fugitive and a liar to the world but he is also the ideal lover. His ways might be questionable but his love is rock solid.

Rest of the people are not so special. Daisy is the cold, calculative,selfish woman for whom only the materialistic gains matter. Tom is the egomaniac who is a chauvinist and believes that all he does is fair. Nick is naive and gullible narrator who is more of a prop than a character in the story. However, his loyalty in friendship towards Gatsby is one of the important relationships in the story.    

Furthermore, like all classics, this one too takes time in grasping one's attention. The first fifty or so pages are solely dedicated to Nick and why he moves. And also there is some useless detailing but as the story progresses it captures one's attention so much so that one tries to read it in one go.

So, read it for Gatsby, just Gatsby..... 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm most def going to be assigned this soon.

    Kelsey @ Calliope Reads

  2. I read this. I read it for Gatsby too ;)

  3. What a terrific review! I agree that when it comes to the classics, if you haven't found a totally new perspective on the book, you have to just discuss in terms of your experience. I love it when I find a review of a book that shows just how it resonated with the reader.