Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Real Togetherness

When I see families toady, one thing is glaringly different –The invading presence of technology. People are sitting in the same room yet texting each other on various social media platforms than just talking to each other. This is absurd and maybe we need to take a step back from technology, especially at the home front. Even small kids who can’t even spell “cat” are busy playing stupid games on phones than playing with toys or in the park with other kids.They don't have real friends they have virtual ones. They don't have real pets they have virtual ones. This is not togetherness. This is not a family.

Kissan realized this about three years back and started the Kissanpur initiative.  Kissanpur focuses on the joy of being with nature especially for the tech-addict generation. Under this initiative Kissan distributed tomato seeds; it organized school contact programs that included visits to tomato farms, horticulture education and nature trails. They believe in breaking the shackles of the digital world and connecting with nature and connecting with each other. 

Now, under the Kissanpur initiative Kissan brings another adorable surprise call the Joy of RealTogetherness. It emphasizes on connecting with one another without technology. Connecting with each other on an inter- personal level. This features an almost four minute long film. In this cute and moving film, the protagonist is an old man. The film captures the day in life of an old man. As he moves about he sees that everyone is busy with gadgets. He enters an elevator and notices that everyone is busy on their Smartphone. Nobody cares for anybody. None smile or even nod. He sees a couple walking together but instead of holding hand or talking, both are busy on their phones. He watches a woman collide with a bunch of playful children, as she was too engaged with her phone to notice their presence. Her shopping bags fall over and stuff spills out. Only the old man stops to help her gather her. He is also shocked by the fact that no one else came forward to help her but even more at the fact that the woman didn’t even acknowledge his help; she didn’t even thank him and walked on like nothing happened.

As the old man moves on he finds a tomato cap and with the help of a kid plants tomatoes all around the building. However, this plan of theirs is foiled by rain as it drowns all the saplings. But they manage to find new se3eds and other kids also join in to help hem plant seeds. The neighbors also join in nurture the saplings when it rains again. At the end all grow to care for the plants and in doing so start connecting with each other inter-personally without gadgets.

So, we all need to question that in this constantly shrinking world maybe we can reach anyone anytime but do we really connect? Are we becoming more distant?

No video game ever will be as joyful as playing on swings in the park with your friends. Real emotions are always better than emojis . Rolling around in the grass, playing hide-and-seek among trees, watching different birds are things which are not only peaceful but also irreplaceable. Hence, the real joy of togetherness lies in being with each other and one with nature.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

TATA SKY+ Transfer to the Rescue of TV Addict

Yes, I'm a TV addict. I can watch TV all-day-all-night non stop.Watching TV is how I spent most of my summer vacations and holidays. It is my favorite activity for the weekend.

My favorite shows these days include the following:

A) The Mindy Project

B) Younger

C) The Big Bang Theory

D) Sherlock

E) Elementary

F) Grey's Anatomy

G) IZombie

H) Orange is the New Black

I) How to Get Away with Murder

J) Scandal

Yes that is a long list and Yes I have seen all the seasons that have aired or are airing. Now you get the level of my addiction!!!

But there are some major hurdles in my way to TV addiction. The major one being that my Family is just like that of the Transferkars. My dad wants to watch the news, my brother watches his awful cartoons, my mom and her saas-bahu crap. Which means that every time I have to watch TV it is like FAMILY WAR with Battle of Remote, Battle of Channel, and ceasefires usually mean me bowing out. Hence, I'm stuck to watching these on my Laptop/Smartphone/Tab. Which also sucks because that means I have to download all this first and then watch it. There is also a limit to this since Downloading Data is not Free :(

Hence it requires major commitment and serious efforts on my part to watch my Favorite TV shows these days.  And the quality also sucks for most of them since I would have to download 1080p if I want good quality but that takes like 8GB for a single season. (Not to mention that it Illegal too.)

However, there is a solution. That is Tata Sky+ Transfer. This is a gift from heaven. TATA Sky + with all its awesome features like 1080p resolution, Dolby Digital Sound, 16:9 aspect ratio, HD recording, Transfer data to any device, Video on Demand and Rewind and etc etc are no less than a miracle.

 All TV addicts know that the picture quality should be as clear as watching them live. And Tata Sky is a dream come true for me when it comes to picture quality. With 1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and Dolby Digital Sound you clearly see the the tears in Olivia's eyes and the sighs of Sheldon Cooper every time someone says something stupid.

It also allows to you to stream recorded content, record in HD and transfer recorded content to any device. So no waiting too see Sherlock and Watson in action soling crimes in the city of London.

Moreover, It has 500GB in-built space. That means all the above shows with all their seasons on one device at your disposal whenever, wherever you want. What more can you want!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Fastest Network Ever

Airtel , the most beloved network of our country, is known for its superb coverage and exceptional service even in the remote areas all through out our country. In my own family, people have been using Airtel for 20 years now. I am writing this using an Airtel Broadband.

Airtel recently launched 4G services across the country in over 296 cities and boy is it fast! Now those days of buffering video and waiting for the music to download are over. It just takes seconds now. Just SECONDS!!!!! 4G or 4th generation of the mobile communication technology provides mobile broadband in addition to voice calling and other features of 3G. Airtel is the first provider of 4G network in India.

Moreover, the amazing thing is that Airtel is offering 4G at the price of 3G. In addition to that, you just need to ask them and they will home deliver the new SIM at no cost. That is taking customer service to a new level.

Airtel asked us what we will do with such speeds and I got to thinking and came up with the following uses.
1)Full movie Download : On a slower connection, a full movie download seems like an uphill climb which is tiring and draining. It involves a lot of waiting. But with airtel 4G one can do this at five times faster. That is speed.

2)Maps: For navigation, especially in new places, one these days is majorly dependent on maps. However, loading statellite views is no easy thing. It is slow process which can be vexing at times. But this is no more the case with airtel 4G.

3) Youtube Videos: No more circles of buffering!!!!  Watch as many videos at lightening fast speeds with minimal lags.

4) Lightening fast searches: Now one can surf the web with lightening fast speeds and enjoy the 21st century like it should be enjoyed.

So, what are you waiting for?? Have no worries! Airtel being the carer for customers,  has designed an exclusive website www.airtel.in/4G where you can check whether your number is eligible for a 4G upgrade or not. You can also tweet at - #GetAirtel4G to get your 4G SIM with free home delivery across the nation.

 The Airtel website actually takes you through all the offerings of the product. You can compare and find a pocket-friendly prepaid/postpaid plan suited to your requirements. Then also choose to buy a 4G compatible mobile from the best deals. You can locate your city/town in the lists of four circles serviceable by 4G and can even request for a 4G SIM card by clicking on here if you possess a 4G compatible device. 
So, what areyou waiting for. Get it! NOW!! And live in the future today!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative

       For the non-metabolically blessed, dieting is an old friend. We all have tried at least one of its many variants  at some point in life. Many fail to resist the temptations but those who do, experience the glory that is the loss of a few kilos. However, this is a risky road. A safe carefully chosen diet might work wonders but crash diets, artificial supplements etc. may do more harm than good. 

Our body needs certain compounds like proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, fats, carbohydrates and fiber to function well. There is a limit in which these must be consumed which varies from person to person depending on the occupation, lifestyle, activity etc. A well Balanced diet means all these are taken in a appropriate quantity which not only give us energy but boosts our metabolism so we function better. And a good metabolism is all one needs to loose weight. Healthy carbohydrates are slow to digest, keeping blood sugar and insulin levels on keel for a steady supply of energy through the day. Healthy proteins are essential for energy and upkeep of the body. They are found in lean meats, poultry and fish, whole grains, tofu, beans and nuts. Fiber is extremely important for digestive health and keeps the bowel functioning well. Vitamins and Minerals, although needed in small amounts, are very important for the functioning of the body. They regulate not only hormones but many serious diseases like anemia, goiter etc are a result of their deficiency.

However, in our click-for-anything world where instant is the trend, the need for instant results forces us to try the unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous alternatives. The weight loss pills which have resulted in liver failures, cardiac malfunctions and are even banned in certain countries, are still being used. Crash diets which include only 1200 to 1600 calories per day whereas the requirement for an adult is anywhere near 2200 calories. These diets not only put a lot of strain on your immune system but also weaken your metabolism. As a result one feels lethargic, moody and even hormonal levels are affected. Moreover, after prolonged crash dieting, demons such as malnutrition, cardiac ailments etc. cause the metabolism to plateau. And the whole point of being fit goes moot.

Hence, A safe balanced diet is the best alternative for healthy and prolonged weight loss. One such diet is the Honey Diet. Honey is a natural sweetener. But don't be fooled by its sweetness. It is great weight-loss tool. The enzymes in honey help boost the metabolism and also help in strengthening the immune system. Honey is also a healthy alternative to sugar. It has antioxidant properties and has health in every drop.

Hence before trying any diet, do consult a dietician or a doctor and make sure it is safe and well balanced.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surf it Fast! with UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the fastest browsers available in the market. I really like its speed, performance and also it is very easy to use. It loads fast  and never crashes. I like the yellow theme and the easy to use interface. I have been using it for quite some time now and I don't plan to change. It features UC Cricket which is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are. And this is a blessing for our cricket crazy nation.

I, myself, am a decent level cricket fan. I don't paint tricolor on my body and shout at the top of my lungs  every time our men in blue hit the turf, but I still do watch most matches and especially world cup. However, with the increasing responsibilities it is getting much more difficult to stay connected with cricket. I remember when I was in college, world cup meant entire week bunks, checking score in class, once our teacher even agreed to let us watch the match on a projector. We even protested to get an exam cancelled because it was scheduled on a world cup match day. Ah the awesome days!

However, such luxuries are no longer available. These days between meetings and presentation, there is little time left for passions. But I still do my best to stay connected with cricket. Technology nowadays is the greatest tool. It ensures connectivity and makes everything much more easy. Smartphone is the greatest invention of all time in my opinion. You can do whatever, access information watch videos, matches, the potential is infinite. I watch highlights, snippet and score updates during work hours to keep myself updated with the latest happening in the cricketing world. I also keep reminders for important matches and my favorite players' news is very promptly delivered to my buzz feed. I remember when India won the world Cup my wallpaper and screen saver for an entire month was the picture of the entire team with the world cup alongside the CHAMPION board.  

UC Browser makes staying updated with cricket even more easy with the UC Cricket feature. It is an awesome feature for cricket fans. It has a reminder feature that sends you a notification before every match. Just click on the yellow bell on the right to follow your favorite match, and receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins and if you have exited UC Browser, you still get the notification. Cricket fans all over world can exchange their opinions via the Comment Section where it allows you to customize your ID, and also use emoticons. It’s extremely easy to read the replies. I just love it.

So if you want to experience cricket like a true fan then UC browser is a great choice.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Paisa Vasool with Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airlines recently launched the Premium Economy Class. For many international flyers, traveling in economy for 18 hours or 20 hours is a total nightmare. From the non-existent legroom to the "use-your fellow-passenger's arms" as armrest, it is a guarantee ticket to hell. However, many cannot afford the business class either. Lufthansa realized this and came up with the Premium Economy Class. In the Premium Economy Class there is not just ample legroom but features like better seats, more entertainment options, better armrests and much much more at the price which is almost as much as economy. Totally Paisa Vasool !

Lufthansa, inspired by the Premium Economy Class, asked us to write about the Paisa Vasool concept which is arguably an Indian invention. Paisa Vasool is a mindset which is present in every Indian. Whether it is the next door auntie haranguing the Sabjiwala for free dhanya or the pretty belles employing their charms to get extra chocolate on their fudge, we all use it to get that extra bang for the buck. So here I enlist some of the Total Paisa Vasool Habits of my fellow countrymen.

1) Sukhi Puri and extra paani with Golgappas: Golgappas are an all time favorite snack all over India. And I am sure everyone does this. After finishing one plate which has about five pieces of Golgappas people usually ask for extra pani and a sukhi puri. So one paid for five but got six effectively. That is Paisa Vasool!

2) Dhaniya Mirchi toh Dallo Bhaiya!!! If you have ever witnessed any auntie/ woman buying veggies from a "Sabjiwala"/ Vegetable vendor you must have heard her say "Dhaniya Mirchi toh daalo Bhaiya!!" This is one expression that defines the concept of Paisa Vasool because people feel they are entitled to that extra(read free) dhaniya and mirchi because they bought the rest of the vegetables.

3) Charging on the Go: Whether it the metro or the railways or flights, one can always find people searching for charging points. Many do not charge their electronic devices because train mai toh free hai naa!!
source reddit.com

4) In-house Recycling of Clothes: We do not send our old clothes to recycling centers. Oh no Sir!! When a clothing item does not fit one member of the family it is generally passed onto a younger or slimmer member of the family. After it can no longer fit anyone, it is either sold to the "bartanwali" in exchange of new utensils or used in dusting/cleaning the house. Hence, our clothes have a longer lifeline than even the manufacturer intended.  

5) Plastic is Gold: From preserving takeout cartons to collecting extra poly bags, from saving all sorts of plastic boxes to reusing Cola bottles as water bottles, we Indians are addicted to plastic. We hoard it, we use it, we love it. We don't crush plastic and throw it out after its intended use, rather we invent new ways to use that item which even the manufacturer might not have thought of. A great example is the boat made of plastic bottles. Doesn't get more Paisa Vasool than this!!!

Boat of Plastic Bottles.
6) Free Stuff: What is more Paisa Vasool than Free. I know people who bought appliances of  a certain low market brand just because it had more free stuff with it even though its price was close to the more reliable brand's product! So if its free we buy it; No questions asked. 

7) Indian Jugaad: Why waste money on a 6 to 8 seating SUV when a tractor will do the trick. Why book three tempo when we can overload one! Why buy a trailer when we can hook a the load to a bike! these are some ingenious inventions of the Indian Jugaad. 
Source team-bhp.com
Source forums.projectsjugaad.com
8)We even showed the west our paisa vasool skills with our very successful PSLV-C25 /Mars Orbiter Mission which was even consierably cheaper than their sci-fi flick Gravity

It is not that we are misers or extremely thrifty but we know how to extract the maximum use of every object. 
Hence I present the Paisa Vasool India. And I think the Paisa Vasool India will love the Lufthansa Premium Economy 
class because not only is it affordable but it also offers the following Paisa Vasool features:
  •  50% more space than traditional economy
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Travelling accessories like ear plugs, sleep mask etc.
  • Larger Entertainment screens with remote
  • Bigger and separate armrests with fold-able trays inside.
  • Water Bottles for all
  • Etra Storage space 
So if you are a Paisa Vasool Indian I suggest you try the Lufthansa Premium Economy class for sure.
 Tweet #LufthansaPremiumEconomy and find out more!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Care for your Skin

Vicco Turmeric Cream is an old and trusted name in the skin care product range. There was a time when it was the only option and generations of people have used it and passed it on to their children. It is safe and natural and my own favourite choice.
So recently, Vicco asked us to share some simple and natural skin care secrets and I'm happy to oblige.

1) Ice: Do you have oily skin or pimples? If the answer is yes then ice should be your best friend. Using ice over your face not only cools it also helps to prevent and treat breakouts. Ice also tightens your muscles which help to firm up the face. You can use ice after a hot sunny day with a slice of cucumber to freshen up the face. All in all it is genie in a cube!

2) Fuller's earth or Multani mitti: This is what your mothers used as a face pack and they were absolutely right. Mix some Multani Mitti with rose water and sandal and you have the best summer pack there is. It is free from chemicals and is suitable even for sensitive skins. It is cheaply available so does not affect your wallet. You can use it once or twice a week to get radiant and glowing skin.

3) Aloe Vera: This is one cactus which doesn’t sting. Aloe Vera is famous for its soothing and cooling properties. You can apply it on burns, scars, sunburns etc and it immediately helps. You can plant an Aloe Vera in a pot or in your garden and enjoy a lifelong supply of fresh Aloe Vera. You just need the gel in its leaves. Once you have the gel you can apply it directly or mix it with honey or lime to freshen your face. It can also be used as a mask and helps to treat pigmentation, dark spots and dryness. It is a key ingredient for your summer skin care.
4) Honey: This natural sweetener only helps to keep your weight in check but also helps to keep your skin glowing and flawless. Use it as a mask or a toner in daily use. It cleanses your skin and tightens it. It can help prevent pimples and also aid in oil control. Moreover, Honey along with lime and glycerine can be used as a natural face wash. It reduces the effect of pollution. So to keep your skin youthful, Honey should be your best friend.

5) Oats: Nowadays, oats are quickly becoming the favourite breakfast of many health conscious people but many are unaware of its benefits as a skin care product. Oats can make the perfect scrub for your skin. Mix some pre-soaked oats with some yogurt and apply on your skin. Gently massage on your skin and rinse after two minutes. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells and will leave a glowing radiant skin.

So, I hope these help. And Vicco Turmeric Cream will help with the rest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Girl on the Train : Review

 Author: Paula Hawkins

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

From all the reviews I read before reading this book myself, I found extremely polarized opinions. People either are head over heels or utterly disappointed by this book. But since this was only 300 pages I thought why not try it. The hype about it being the "next Gone Girl" certainly did not help its case.

This is not the next anything. This is a new story about real yet messed up characters. The protagonist is Rachel Watson. Rachel is an alcoholic, divorced, childless, out of job woman who resides with her friend Cathy. Cathy is the only person who genuinely cares about her. Rachel is sometimes likeable, sometimes relate-able and sometimes someone you don't want to become. She knows her flaws and tries to overcome them but like most humans she succumbs to the temptations. She is the girl on the train. She knows she is at rock bottom but her problem is she is looking for a quick fix for her problems which doesn’t exist.

The plot is based in Suburban London. Rachel commutes from Cathy's house to central London everyday via Train. On her way she sees her former house where Tom, her ex husband, lives with his current wife Anna. The narration shifts between Anna, Rachel and Megan. Megan is Anna's neighbor and is married to Scott. The story revolves around Megan's disappearance and Rachel's connection with that. Anna is the other women, she is now a mother. She is over protective of her family and hates Rachel. I did not like her character at all. Megan is someone who is utterly discontent with her life. She wants more and more. She is dissatisfied with her life. Her past troubles her and her husband is not worth it. Scott is Megan's husband and not a likeable personality. 

The story initially for fifty something pages drags a bit but the last hundred pages will keep you hooked to the book. In the beginning you feel bad for Rachel and you think everyone else is nice. However, as the story progresses you still feel bad for Rachel but everyone else show their true faces. My favorite part is the climax though. It is eerie and wicked. The voice in your head will be right at the end. 

Hence, it is a nice engaging read and it twisted people with crappy lives is your thing then it will please you. I would advice to keep Gone Girl out of your mind while reading this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Mom

Godrej has been one brand which one can always find in our household. Their products are not only safe but give amazing results. So on the occasion of Mother's Day Godrej asked us to elaborate on why one's best adviser is always their mother.

My mother has always been my first expert for anything and everything. From choosing a dress to choosing a career she has always been one true guide and I cannot thank her enough for being there always.

When I passed my 12th exams, I was looking for engineering courses. My entrance exam results were decent enough and I wanted to take Mechanical Engineering. This was no lightly taken decision and I spent two years on this decision. But being a girl, everyone I knew was shocked when I told them about my decision. Most tried to persuade me to take "safe" branches like computers or IT. Many said that Mechanical is not for girls. Everyone, from my father to the stranger I met at one counselling session in a college, were hell bent to make me change my decision. But I could not imagine myself in any other branch. Mechanical was and is my calling. I had spent my childhood plying with Mechanic toys, rockets and cars. However, after such a response, I was second guessing my decision. I felt sad and seeing this mother gave me the best advice I ever got. She told me that if this is what you really and absolutely want then do it. Mute out everyone else and follow your heart. She even convinced my father and supported me till the end. Last week I graduated with an 8.9 GPA and it is all thanks to my mom. Had she not supported me and encouraged me to follow my heart, I probably would have changed to Computers or IT and detested it all along.

Another, incident where my mom's advice helped me a lot was when I in 5th grade. There was a boy in my class who was very famous for being notorious. Teacher opted out of teaching our class just because of him. Due to all this, he didn't have many friends in school and I saw him eating lunch all by himself. When I informed my mother about this she told me join him wherever I see him eating lunch alone from now on. I was hesitant at first but she insisted that I do as asked. So next day me and my group of about five girls were eating lunch in the school ground and I saw him eating lunch behind a tree. I asked my friends to invite him but no one wanted to. After a lot of convincing they decided that he could eat with us but I had to invite him. Hence, I went, a little terrified, over to invite him. At first he thought I was playing a prank but my reputation was not of a prankster so he eventually agreed. He came over and had lunch with us. Turns out he was quite funny. He told great jokes and over time we became good friends. I am in touch with him even today. 

So, had my mother not encouraged me to be friends with this person, I would have never got to know him. I would have missed up on a friend.

These are just two of the many instances where my mother’s advice has helped me find my way. Without her I would be completely lost in this world. And I love you mom from the bottom of my heart. Happy Mother’s Day!!!