Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Joy in Simplicity

Coca Cola is celebrating the International Day of Happiness.To Coca-Cola, happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face! It's about adding a dose of refreshment, brightness & cheer to the lives of people who love it. Moreover, they asked us bloggers to write about things that make us happy everyday.

Happiness is not only in big purchases, cool gadgets and latest fashion; Happiness also and mostly comes from the small things in life. These small things are often ignored and under-appreciated, but without them our lives are incomplete. Here are a few things that I cherish the most and are a source of joy in my life. 

I start my day with running. I run for about an hour and when I return my mother usually keeps a glass of water already on the table. After pushing oneself for an hour, there is no greater joy than that glass of cold icy water. I can feel it go down my throat to my stomach. I feel the chill and the satisfaction that I get is unparalleled.

Being the voracious reader that I am, books are a great part of my life. Whether it is the metro, or at two in the night one can always find me with a book. The best part about reading a book is when you hold it in your hands for the first time, you can smell the aroma of never-been-touched-before pages and you can feel the stiff crease-less spine. That is something one never gets from eBooks. These days, due to being on a budget, I am mostly dependent on eBooks but whenever I can I buy a real book. I love the feeling of opening it for the first time. I am inseparable from it till I finish reading it. I carry it with me all the time everywhere.

Friends are often a source of pure joy. Hanging out with them is a happy time of my day. We don't go to fancy malls or other such cool and expensive places. We hang out at our college. We can be spotted as the group which laughs at anything and everything. One of my friends is the group's clown. He can turn any situation into a laughter-fest. So whenever anyone is upset or a little down, he is called upon.

Getting a seat in Delhi metro during peak time can prove to be more challenging than clearing the toughest of entrance exams. So whenever I get this lucky to be bestowed with a seat, I make it a point to thank the stars. And not only me, anyone for that matter cannot help but smile whenever this rare phenomenon is experienced.

My mother's cooking. My mother is the best cook. She can cook a wide range of food from Chinese to Italian, but what I like the best is the Rajma chawal she makes. I like Rajma with a lot of gravy and she makes it just like I love. So when I return from college, and the aroma of the Rajma hits my nose from two stories down, a sort of rush goes through my body. I feel better just by the smell. It is my favorite food and I can eat it any time of any day.

Hence, above are the things that bring great joy to me. They are simple and most are inexpensive yet priceless. I am grateful for I get to experience them.

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