Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Mom

Godrej has been one brand which one can always find in our household. Their products are not only safe but give amazing results. So on the occasion of Mother's Day Godrej asked us to elaborate on why one's best adviser is always their mother.

My mother has always been my first expert for anything and everything. From choosing a dress to choosing a career she has always been one true guide and I cannot thank her enough for being there always.

When I passed my 12th exams, I was looking for engineering courses. My entrance exam results were decent enough and I wanted to take Mechanical Engineering. This was no lightly taken decision and I spent two years on this decision. But being a girl, everyone I knew was shocked when I told them about my decision. Most tried to persuade me to take "safe" branches like computers or IT. Many said that Mechanical is not for girls. Everyone, from my father to the stranger I met at one counselling session in a college, were hell bent to make me change my decision. But I could not imagine myself in any other branch. Mechanical was and is my calling. I had spent my childhood plying with Mechanic toys, rockets and cars. However, after such a response, I was second guessing my decision. I felt sad and seeing this mother gave me the best advice I ever got. She told me that if this is what you really and absolutely want then do it. Mute out everyone else and follow your heart. She even convinced my father and supported me till the end. Last week I graduated with an 8.9 GPA and it is all thanks to my mom. Had she not supported me and encouraged me to follow my heart, I probably would have changed to Computers or IT and detested it all along.

Another, incident where my mom's advice helped me a lot was when I in 5th grade. There was a boy in my class who was very famous for being notorious. Teacher opted out of teaching our class just because of him. Due to all this, he didn't have many friends in school and I saw him eating lunch all by himself. When I informed my mother about this she told me join him wherever I see him eating lunch alone from now on. I was hesitant at first but she insisted that I do as asked. So next day me and my group of about five girls were eating lunch in the school ground and I saw him eating lunch behind a tree. I asked my friends to invite him but no one wanted to. After a lot of convincing they decided that he could eat with us but I had to invite him. Hence, I went, a little terrified, over to invite him. At first he thought I was playing a prank but my reputation was not of a prankster so he eventually agreed. He came over and had lunch with us. Turns out he was quite funny. He told great jokes and over time we became good friends. I am in touch with him even today. 

So, had my mother not encouraged me to be friends with this person, I would have never got to know him. I would have missed up on a friend.

These are just two of the many instances where my mother’s advice has helped me find my way. Without her I would be completely lost in this world. And I love you mom from the bottom of my heart. Happy Mother’s Day!!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App: What I like !

Airtel has launched the much awaited My Airtel App and being the loyal customer that I am, I got my hands on it as soon as I could. This app is the cornucopia of Airtel's products. It is a first-of-its-kind by any telecom operator in the country! All users including prepaid and postpaid can use it for paying bills, recharge, buying products etc. It also allows you to track all the past transactions and even your usage can be tracked with this. You manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. You can recharge your DTH, track your account usage, track your service requests, buy products, and add your family & friends’ numbers and much much more. It is the APP for all Airtel subscribers. You can do all this using just your phone.

How amazing is that!

After using this app the features which really appealed to me are:

1. Airtel Surprises: This is just amazing. I think this is one feature that really mandates everyone to get this app right now! As the name suggests Airtel Surpises surprises you every time you pay your bill or get a recharge with a coupon! And not only just Airtel coupons but names like Gelato Italiano, Monginis, Cafe Coffee Day, Myntra, Flipkart, and many more are all included in the list.
So every time you pay your bill you get a SURPRISE!!!  Payed you bill; here go get a coffee with 50 bucks off at cafe coffee day! Amazing!

2. I WANT TO! This feature is like a personal task bar. It allows you to save all your most needed/ most used features within the reach of a button.  You can save your own shortcuts on the home screen under the "I want to". So anything and everything you want is just a tab away. No need to scroll though long menus two three times of a day just for that one feature. You can simply put them on your home screen and they are instantly accessible.

3. Safety: With Airtel one always knows that safety comes first. They are famous for their secure networks and this app lives up to every expectation. It allows you to add credit cards, debit cards, ATMs whatever you may want for faster payments. So no need to fill in your card numbers all the time and every time you have to make a payment. Also this comes with PCIDSS certification so you know it doesn't get safer than this. Even governments recommend this certification.

4. Track your bills: This is a life saver. No more end of the month heart attacks when you see you’re DTH or post paid bills. It helps you keep a leash on your expenses and keep the bank balance healthy.

So all in all this is a pretty great app and I recommend you get it as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

#EkNayiLeague : Are you Ready?

Kapil Dev is one person who needs no introduction especially in our country. His career is as legendary as it gets. Credited for being arguably the best captain along with the top player of his time, he is a role model of many.

Recently Mr. Dev launched a campaign called #EkNayiLeague through social channels. He hasn't given out much about it yet but through some videos he shares his thoughts on some recent happenings and people who have been in news lately.

In one such video he talks about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's decision of retirement. Mr. Dev does not seem too pleased with it. He recounts the days when he was retiring and the legendary Dev Anand in his trademark style told him that stars never retire. He also adds (in Dev Anand's Trademark Style no less) that since MSD has worked so hard so far to build the team and now he should not give up. And I couldn't agree more.

Sania Mirza is another personality whom Mr. Dev appreciated in his video. He says that about three hundred or so girls play tennis in our country. And if out of those three hundred if some are chosen in the top twenty in the world then it is a feat. The kind of infrastructure and support available to female sports-persons is already a matter of deep consideration and some like Sania Mirza not only flourish in such environments they conquer it. Keep going, we are proud of you Ms. Mirza!

Another video focuses on Yuvraj Singh.He is true Phoenix who has risen again  by beating all odds. Mr. Dev talks about how in his time sport persons weren't given much money. They just played for the love of the game. But toady when people like Yuvraj Singh make deals worth 16 crore it is an elating feeling. Also, many new talents find their shine through IPL so its a win-win I guess.

So what is #EkNayiLeague???

After each video Kapil says that you can not play this league with your heart. All twitter is abuzz trying to decrypt what this league could be. I think this league is probably a Quiz show about sport persons. They would probably invite general public and ask them question about Indian sport persons.

Or this could probably be a show where sport persons come and are quizzed on general topics like science, politics or general awareness.Or they are put in a ring and forced to face dangers like Khatron ke Khiladi style!

Well we can only guess. Mr. Kapil Dev says he will announce on twitter what this league is all about. I for one am eager to find out. This looks interesting so far and I hope it lives up to the hype.

This post is in support of #EkNayiLeague.