Thursday, May 7, 2015

#EkNayiLeague : Are you Ready?

Kapil Dev is one person who needs no introduction especially in our country. His career is as legendary as it gets. Credited for being arguably the best captain along with the top player of his time, he is a role model of many.

Recently Mr. Dev launched a campaign called #EkNayiLeague through social channels. He hasn't given out much about it yet but through some videos he shares his thoughts on some recent happenings and people who have been in news lately.

In one such video he talks about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's decision of retirement. Mr. Dev does not seem too pleased with it. He recounts the days when he was retiring and the legendary Dev Anand in his trademark style told him that stars never retire. He also adds (in Dev Anand's Trademark Style no less) that since MSD has worked so hard so far to build the team and now he should not give up. And I couldn't agree more.

Sania Mirza is another personality whom Mr. Dev appreciated in his video. He says that about three hundred or so girls play tennis in our country. And if out of those three hundred if some are chosen in the top twenty in the world then it is a feat. The kind of infrastructure and support available to female sports-persons is already a matter of deep consideration and some like Sania Mirza not only flourish in such environments they conquer it. Keep going, we are proud of you Ms. Mirza!

Another video focuses on Yuvraj Singh.He is true Phoenix who has risen again  by beating all odds. Mr. Dev talks about how in his time sport persons weren't given much money. They just played for the love of the game. But toady when people like Yuvraj Singh make deals worth 16 crore it is an elating feeling. Also, many new talents find their shine through IPL so its a win-win I guess.

So what is #EkNayiLeague???

After each video Kapil says that you can not play this league with your heart. All twitter is abuzz trying to decrypt what this league could be. I think this league is probably a Quiz show about sport persons. They would probably invite general public and ask them question about Indian sport persons.

Or this could probably be a show where sport persons come and are quizzed on general topics like science, politics or general awareness.Or they are put in a ring and forced to face dangers like Khatron ke Khiladi style!

Well we can only guess. Mr. Kapil Dev says he will announce on twitter what this league is all about. I for one am eager to find out. This looks interesting so far and I hope it lives up to the hype.

This post is in support of #EkNayiLeague. 

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