Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Fastest Network Ever

Airtel , the most beloved network of our country, is known for its superb coverage and exceptional service even in the remote areas all through out our country. In my own family, people have been using Airtel for 20 years now. I am writing this using an Airtel Broadband.

Airtel recently launched 4G services across the country in over 296 cities and boy is it fast! Now those days of buffering video and waiting for the music to download are over. It just takes seconds now. Just SECONDS!!!!! 4G or 4th generation of the mobile communication technology provides mobile broadband in addition to voice calling and other features of 3G. Airtel is the first provider of 4G network in India.

Moreover, the amazing thing is that Airtel is offering 4G at the price of 3G. In addition to that, you just need to ask them and they will home deliver the new SIM at no cost. That is taking customer service to a new level.

Airtel asked us what we will do with such speeds and I got to thinking and came up with the following uses.
1)Full movie Download : On a slower connection, a full movie download seems like an uphill climb which is tiring and draining. It involves a lot of waiting. But with airtel 4G one can do this at five times faster. That is speed.

2)Maps: For navigation, especially in new places, one these days is majorly dependent on maps. However, loading statellite views is no easy thing. It is slow process which can be vexing at times. But this is no more the case with airtel 4G.

3) Youtube Videos: No more circles of buffering!!!!  Watch as many videos at lightening fast speeds with minimal lags.

4) Lightening fast searches: Now one can surf the web with lightening fast speeds and enjoy the 21st century like it should be enjoyed.

So, what are you waiting for?? Have no worries! Airtel being the carer for customers,  has designed an exclusive website where you can check whether your number is eligible for a 4G upgrade or not. You can also tweet at - #GetAirtel4G to get your 4G SIM with free home delivery across the nation.

 The Airtel website actually takes you through all the offerings of the product. You can compare and find a pocket-friendly prepaid/postpaid plan suited to your requirements. Then also choose to buy a 4G compatible mobile from the best deals. You can locate your city/town in the lists of four circles serviceable by 4G and can even request for a 4G SIM card by clicking on here if you possess a 4G compatible device. 
So, what areyou waiting for. Get it! NOW!! And live in the future today!

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