Sunday, September 27, 2015

TATA SKY+ Transfer to the Rescue of TV Addict

Yes, I'm a TV addict. I can watch TV all-day-all-night non stop.Watching TV is how I spent most of my summer vacations and holidays. It is my favorite activity for the weekend.

My favorite shows these days include the following:

A) The Mindy Project

B) Younger

C) The Big Bang Theory

D) Sherlock

E) Elementary

F) Grey's Anatomy

G) IZombie

H) Orange is the New Black

I) How to Get Away with Murder

J) Scandal

Yes that is a long list and Yes I have seen all the seasons that have aired or are airing. Now you get the level of my addiction!!!

But there are some major hurdles in my way to TV addiction. The major one being that my Family is just like that of the Transferkars. My dad wants to watch the news, my brother watches his awful cartoons, my mom and her saas-bahu crap. Which means that every time I have to watch TV it is like FAMILY WAR with Battle of Remote, Battle of Channel, and ceasefires usually mean me bowing out. Hence, I'm stuck to watching these on my Laptop/Smartphone/Tab. Which also sucks because that means I have to download all this first and then watch it. There is also a limit to this since Downloading Data is not Free :(

Hence it requires major commitment and serious efforts on my part to watch my Favorite TV shows these days.  And the quality also sucks for most of them since I would have to download 1080p if I want good quality but that takes like 8GB for a single season. (Not to mention that it Illegal too.)

However, there is a solution. That is Tata Sky+ Transfer. This is a gift from heaven. TATA Sky + with all its awesome features like 1080p resolution, Dolby Digital Sound, 16:9 aspect ratio, HD recording, Transfer data to any device, Video on Demand and Rewind and etc etc are no less than a miracle.

 All TV addicts know that the picture quality should be as clear as watching them live. And Tata Sky is a dream come true for me when it comes to picture quality. With 1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and Dolby Digital Sound you clearly see the the tears in Olivia's eyes and the sighs of Sheldon Cooper every time someone says something stupid.

It also allows to you to stream recorded content, record in HD and transfer recorded content to any device. So no waiting too see Sherlock and Watson in action soling crimes in the city of London.

Moreover, It has 500GB in-built space. That means all the above shows with all their seasons on one device at your disposal whenever, wherever you want. What more can you want!!!!

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