Saturday, June 25, 2016

Has Potential to do Better

"Has Potential to Do Better"

This is one line that I have always found on my every report card since third grade. I have detested this line all my life. I do not know what it means anymore because this is like a slap in the face. How do you know my potential if I can never reach it? What is the meaning of potential? Or maybe I am just bluffing with you? Maybe there is no potential; it is all me trying to pass as a superior version of myself which I may never become.

That is in fact my greatest fear.When I die, and if I am forced to meet what I could have been and it is what I fear it might be then I will definitely die again. Never reaching my potential. I try to stay motivated and upbeat about life and thing that should matter like careers and people. However, every once in a while I question the very relevance of this all. WHAT IS THE POINT? What are we going to accomplish? My success or failure is inconsequential to the world. Nature doesn't care how my rags I have locked in a concrete cage. And even say a century from now no one will probably remember who I was. It will be like my entire existence was a myth...... a bluff. And what is success anyhow? Money? Power? Happiness? I have neither. I don't really want more than a certain level of money. I don't care for fancy cars or jewellery or any such crap. I really don't. Power is just the power over me that I want. I want independence. Happiness.... ah well.

Open any wellness magazine, book or any website, the first thing they tell you is stay away from negative people. Be positive. Negative people will destroy your life. They will suck the happiness out of you and leave you just a shell. But what about people who pretend to be positive and smiling but really are very negative inside. I am one of those. I try to smile always. But I am so negative that I have lost all hope that I ever will reach my potential...... whatever that is.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Datsun redi-GO : The Ultimate Urban Ride

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


Datsun is a well-known Japaneses car brand owned by Nissan. It made a stellar debut in India and is now well known here. Datsun recently launched their Datsun redi-GO which is a mind blowing car in its segment. It is chic, classy, beautifully crafted and packed with features. It makes the ideal city car with its comapct design and a turning radius of 4.7m. Imagine that!

As a millennial soon to hit mid-twenties, my own car means a great deal to me. It is a statement that yes I can.  Datsun redi-GO makes for a smart choice out of all the others. It is really a breakthrough with its focus on fun, freedom and Confidence. These are the words by which every millennial leads their life. And the green color of the Datsun redi-GO is just the right amount of funk one needs. Here are some features I really loved of the Datsun redi-GO.

1. The Exterior with Yukan Design and D-Cut Grille

The first thing that anyone notices about the car is its design. The looks! Datsun redi-GO scores full marks when it comes to the exterior. The Yukan Design, which is often only found in crossovers, gives the car a robust exterior with a wide stance and a very sporty feel. The first word which comes to my mind when I see this car is FUN. It fun yet sleek with a Modern yet functional driver oriented feel. And this is not all. It comes with a classy and bold D-Cut grille which adds a character to the front and speaks of the quality of the design. The design is just specifically designed keeping the youth in mind and caters to their every need. It is the embodiment of the fun, freedom and the confidence of today’s youth.

2. 5-Speed Manual Transmission with Drive computer and Shift Indicator

Driving can be a perilous task sometimes especially for a newbie. We can always wear out those gears with lousy shifting and less efficient changeovers. Datsun redi-Go solves all this with its 5-speed Manual Transmissions, which guarantees better fuel efficiency and control, and its Drive computer. The Drive computer provides instantaneous and average mileage calculations. It shows the distance to empty and the fuel remaining which is very useful information especially when embarking on long trips out of town. The shift indicator is just a blessing. It is an easy-to-read indicator placed right on the front screen which shows the ideal time to shift for maximum fuel efficiency and great performance. This is truly important for newbies who are still learning these things.

3. Safety Ensured with the Datsun Pro-Safe 7

Road accidents are a very real possibility with odds in nobodies favour. They happen all the time and luck may not always be at your side. Datsun puts safety first and its redi-GO comes with Datsun Pro-Safe 7 which is a common thread across all Datsun Cars making them all safe, secure and reliable for all to use. It comes with performance augmented brakes which give the shortest braking distance ever. This is especially important in cities. It comes with a reinforced crash protection shell. This is a high strength body shell which is designed to absorb impact for passenger safety. It is optimized for torsional rigidity and stiffness and provides better frontal offset crash performance. It is also UN94 crash performance compliant. It also carries an adaptive electric power steering and a force absorbing bolster support for greater safety of the passengers.

 Datsun redi-Go provides great spacious interiors, awesome fuel economy with an I-Sat engine, superior air-conditioning and a turning radius of just 4.7m. If I got a chance to test drive this incredible car, I would definitely try it on Delhi roads where I’ll be using it the most. I would test this for the brakes, the performance and definitely the 4.7m turning radius. I would also like to try the Shift indicator which I think is a very cool feature to have. 

All these features of the Datsun redi-GO would just drive my urban driving blues away. Knowing that I’m safe in the car is a huge relief. Also the performance enhancing features are a major thumbs up. Hence, I’m a total fan of the Datsun redi-GO. For me, this is the best car for urban driving.